Thou Shall Not Suffer

By: Mark Anthony Lord

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It’s time to end the suffering game! It’s not fun or effective, and it’s no longer necessary. This book helps you see your personal, chronic suffering patterns while giving you an effective and deeply fulfilling approach on how you can become free to live a more joyful, passionate, prosperous, and powerful life.

This is a book centered on the new and revolutionary 11th Commandment: Thou shall not suffer!

Here is a seven-step program that shows readers how to face each day with joy and peace. Lord's basic premise is that our circumstances do not cause our suffering. What screws us up is how we respond to circumstances.

Lord challenges readers to:

  1. Get a new God. (Reevaluate your understanding of God).
  2. Forgive everyone, including yourself.
  3. Love yourself madly
  4. Follow your passion.
  5. Surrender to win.
  6. Be willing to receive gifts.
  7. Practice selfless service to others.

Each of the seven steps contains exercises designed to guide the reader to a new way of being in the world. He shows how practicing the seven steps will enable readers to able to leave suffering and pain behind forever and embrace a life of happiness and joy.

Lord is a dynamic teacher and speaker who has delighted New Thought audiences across the country. His Bodhi Spiritual Center is one of the largest New Thought churches in the country. This is a book that will appeal to fans of Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, and Michael Beckwith.

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